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2020-03-06 (Friday)


  1. #158 The Case of the Missing Hit | Reply All

    That is a gripping story (from “Super Tech Support” onwards). I am thankful for transcripts too. (via FaveJet)


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    @yoz Feel free, thanks! I hope it goes well.

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    @gilest Sorry to hear that! Have a Double Decker as consolation.

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    Boomers: the Coronavirus is important, because it kills people over 60, let's close the borders

    Millennials/Gen Z: It is called COVID-19 and its spread shows how connected the world is, how health is a social justice issue.

    Gen X: Too ra loo ra too ra loo rye aye. COVID-EILEEN

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    An #ff: if you don't already follow @samuelpepys, do so at once. It's an excellent history account, but almost as delightful are the comments, esp those berating him for his various douche moves (of which he makes many). Respect to @philgyford for running this gem of an account.

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    Fleabag, but the priest is the vicar from This Country.

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    It seems obvious when you think about it, but I never realized that trees all contain the images of their past selves. This, by Giuseppe Penone, carefully planing away the years of growth, shows the 40-years-before self hidden within an old cedar. #AmongtheTrees @haywardgallery