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2022-09-20 (Tuesday)


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    Sure, you could listen to the same music more clearly on Spotify or whatever. But to hear it played over the airwaves, from a ship in the North Sea, imagining yourself to be hearing these new tunes, like ‘European Son’ or ‘White Rabbit’, for the first time…

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    It’s quite magical to be able to listen to a 55 year old radio broadcast, trying to imagine someone tuning in after midnight in 1967…

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    Blimey, just noticed I’ve been running for more than eleven years. 11! Not sure where that time went. Might need to map it out somehow…

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    Aww. Last time I was in London I thought, “I’ve only been to Andrew Edmunds once,” and treated myself to dinner there, and the food and the place and the people were lovely.…

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    So sorry to hear that the art dealer and restaurateur Andrew Edmunds has died. A true pillar of Soho. I've been recommending the lovely restaurant that carries his name to people for years.

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    @tomcoates @Zoonie @smagdali Ridiculous. Another reason never to do karaoke!

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    @Zoonie @smagdali I decided that Dominion/Mother Russia will be my karaoke song if I ever do karaoke, which I have no plans to ever do.

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    When I started at the @guardian there was a lot of consternation about the future of newspapers and I once joked that their two letter .com domain could become their most valuable asset.

    There are of course only 676 two letter (a-z) .com domain names in existence.


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    For the record, this is the photo I took on intercepting design director as he left to ask for permission for us to use said royal cypher... It was granted, by some miracle. He's a very persuasive man.