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2020-03-11 (Wednesday)


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    @simonw @tomcoates @peterbihr @genmon Welcome.

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    @mala Same. After a day of work I can just about shuffle to the kitchen, make dinner, then stare vacantly at the TV while putting food in my mouth. I think my brain used to work for more than 8 hours a day when I was younger.

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    @simonw Having been working from home for years I (as ever) admire your optimism and enthusiasm for all the things you're going to get done :)

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    something something DATAVIZ-19.

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    Monday was the first day of our new (temporary) existence as an all-remote company. 2,000+ people from 18 offices across 10 countries suddenly working from home. It’s a big change many are making but I haven’t seen much detail giving a ‘behind the scenes’ view. [Thread]

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    Ah fuck, I’m so sorry everyone

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    Train Guy...Orange Polo Neck