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2013-01-06 (Sunday)


  1. fberriman » Conferences aren’t the problem

    Yes, this is the thing. Our entire industry is not at all diverse, so blaming conference organisers is, often, just avoiding the actual issue. No one’s said “I’m never using [company]’s website/product because they’re nearly all white men.” Because then they’d hardly have any websites/products to use.

  2. The ‘Whoa’ Business Model

    Yes, this, a thousand times. Every time I go to the cinema and have to sit through loads of ads, I hate cinemas. (via Daring Fireball)


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    @TextDriveStatus OK, thanks. Still a bit confused but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

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    @TextDriveStatus Thanks for all these updates but… what do they mean? Do I (a Joyent -> TextDrive migrator) need to do anything? When?

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    @spaceboy We weren’t quite sold on episode 1. How’s 2?

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    @Eaterofsun @seangeer Ah, no, still there:

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    @tomtaylor @Pinboard Ooh, yes. Robo-posts don't make for great reading. Or, often, make much sense.

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    I’m going to boycott all websites or tech products from companies that are nearly all white men. I’m going to have so much free time!

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    @seangeer @Eaterofsun Yes, the last couple of issues or so never got fully HTML'd. But here's a PDF scan for you:…

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    @moleitau up early, cracking ride, cheese and pickle sandwich, great work from the team, link to some typography, got a pb on the way home.

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